August 24 - 2022

Content Marketing Ideas for Manufacturers

Did you know that more than 85% of manufacturing marketers use content marketing? There is no doubt that content is at the center of any successful digital marketing strategy for industrial companies and manufacturers.

Content is what individuals and businesses search for, consume, and share online. This is why producing relevant, and quality content is essential for any manufacturing business or B2B firm that wants to connect with prospective and current customers. 

Industrial content marketing will help your business reach a broad and diverse range of networks and audiences in order to make a substantial impact on the right prospects.

Learn how a successful content marketing strategy can help your manufacturing company improve B2B lead generation and engagement efforts.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing involves creating content, such as website pages and blog posts, with the intent of attracting new visitors to your B2B website and converting them into leads to increase sales for your manufacturing business.

The most effective and successful content marketing strategies for industrial companies and manufacturing businesses are focused on solving the unique pain points and concerns of your B2B customers and educating them on why your products are the best fit for their unique needs.

Best Content Marketing Ideas for Manufacturing Companies

Blog Posts

Blog posts are an excellent way to introduce target audiences to specific manufacturing ideas and concepts in which your manufacturing company is an industry leader. Did you know that SEO-optimized and relevant blog posts are among the most effective ways to rank high on various search engines?

With higher (SERPs) rankings, content marketers can easily amplify and improve their lead generation strategies.

Your blog posts can include informational and educational topics to help bring more traffic to your B2B website. On the other hand, you can discuss more granular topics focusing on your manufacturing niche. 

Instructional and Explainer Videos

If you want to focus on the middle of the funnel prospects, you can use instructional videos to showcase your offer value more strongly. The best thing about instructional videos is that they offer consistent content for this stage.

There are many different video types that you can leverage to create explainer and instructional videos around your B2B products - from short Buzzfeed-style videos and demo videos to educational whiteboard videos.

You can use these videos to complement more conversion-focused pages. This is because they provide prospects with a tangible look into the content marketers’ offers. Being instructional keeps these videos informative rather than “salesy,” helping foster more trust and interest.


For content that’s more in-depth or detailed than a blog, eBooks can be a one-stop source for all the in-depth information regarding your manufacturing business or products.

The manufacturing industry can also use eBooks to its advantage by discussing the economics of manufacturing operations. Also, you can write eBooks keeping the buyers’ specific needs and preferences in mind. 

Industry Research and Reports

Showing an in-depth understanding of your industry through industry research and reports helps demonstrate value to your B2B customers. Engaging content that highlights what is happening in your industry will not just bring credibility but also helps educate your prospects and customers, helping them make informed purchasing decisions.