August 25 - 2022

How an industrial B2B company can use Rev Ops

Revenue Operations is an important concept that has taken the B2B industrial sector by storm. Revenue Operations, also known as RevOps, has been in play for several years. However, over the last few years, organizations that want real revenue growth and more profitability have been looking at this initiative differently.

Compared to the last year, the number of companies reporting a dedicated RevOps group has increased from 20% to almost 32%.

What are Revenue Operations?

You may have heard of RevOps. It is a relatively new term for tech-supported sales and marketing alignment. We can say that RevOps is a pretty new organizational model that offers your B2B industrial company a better customer view before, after, and during the sale. The concept recognizes that revenue is a complete process rather than just an outcome.

Revenue Operations is the alignment of marketing, sales, and customer success operations across the entire customer life cycle that drives growth through operational efficiency, keeping all teams in your B2B industrial company accountable to revenue.

A RevOps strategy for industrial companies ensures that customer loyalty and revenue aren’t stagnant by acting as the glue between marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

How Industrial B2B Companies can Use and Benefit from RevOps

Faster B2B Sales Cycles

A RevOps strategy takes the back and forth of your departments and unpredictability out of the picture. Because of the automation and streamlined functions, RevOps minimizes issues and brings you faster sales cycles.

Simplifies Operations

B2B companies in the industrial sector usually suffer from misalignment. The RevOps framework is valuable as it fixes this problem by limiting siloed departments to function and operate individually. RevOps connects every individual that impacts your industrial company’s revenue cycle. This allows teams to share data freely from one department to another.

Predictable Business Growth

 Through various systematic measurements and improvements, RevOps lets you know if your B2B operations are working and how your industrial organization can grow. As a result, you can predict your B2B business growth more accurately than before.

Unified and Real-Time Business Data

Are you struggling with your current pricing strategy? Perhaps, you are considering new features and functions for a new product release.

With all your relevant revenue data standardized in a single place, you can easily make these decisions much faster with RevOps and grow your company.

Quickly Adapt to Various Market Changes

Did you know that the RevOps framework allows your B2B teams to communicate and perform under an effective goal-oriented strategy? This is why adapting to any market change is often simple and seamless.

When your teams and leaders are aligned, optimized for revenue generation, and collaborating to maintain a seamless and hassle-free customer journey, you can expect considerable growth. 

As a B2B industrial company, you can align processes and technology stack at all levels of your business. As a result, market changes will have little or no effect on any internal functions of your industrial company. This reduces time to market and mitigates risks.