June 29 - 2022

How to Manage a National B2B Industrial Sales Team

There is no doubt that managing a national B2B industrial sales team can be challenging. This is especially true when you consider that more than 50% of sellers missed their sales quotas in 2019. How can you effectively lead a group of B2B sales representatives when more than half are likely to miss their targets or underperform?

B2B industrial sales professionals are usually ambitious, motivated, and driven and value independence and freedom in their jobs. However, note that their motivation and drive can plummet for many different reasons. It is important for you as a sales manager to identify what the challenges and issues are for struggling or underperforming team members.

Effective B2B industrial sales managers recruit the best sales leaders, provide them with all the resources and tools they need in order to bring in more sales, and watch the numbers grow.
You should also pay attention to the sales culture at your B2B organization as it determines your organizational success.

Tips for Managing a National B2B Industrial Sales Team
Successful B2B sales team management is a challenge that you can handle only with dedication and patience. Here are some of the most efficient ways and tips to manage this responsibility without falling flat on your face.

Hire the Best B2B Industrial Sales Reps
While it may sound simple, your sales team performance depends heavily on the individual results and performance of each rep. This is why it is important to find the best industrial sales professionals who can fit into your B2B team well and improve customer experience.
Hire salespeople with determination and drive and create a transparent environment oriented on key sales metrics.

Train Your Sales Reps to Guide Your Clients 
In most cases, sales reps tend to go further and achieve better results when they make the customer the hero rather than the solution they are selling.

It is best to teach and train your B2B salespeople to connect with clients on a personal level and lead them on a seamless path to find the answers to their problems or questions. It will yield better results as it is a crucial part of the prospecting process.

Create a Scalable and Goal-oriented Sales Process
One of the main aspects of managing a B2B industrial sales team effectively is to create processes and systems that can easily scale. If you implement a systematic approach, you will enable your national sales team to work more efficiently and effectively.

Your B2B sales process should be clearly defined, customer-centric, repeatable, goal-oriented, predictable, and measurable. Develop an effective sales system that every one of your industrial sales reps can follow.

Use Customer Relationship Management Software
Did you know that most salespeople just spend 35 percent of their time selling? This is concerning and means that your national sales team is probably spending a considerable amount of time on tasks that do not directly relate to selling products.

This is where an excellent sales CRM platform can help your sales team win back a big portion of their day. This is particularly true if you invest in software with automation capabilities.
CRM software allows sales reps to manage relationships, support nurturing, track status, increase customer retention and improve business relationships.

Final Thoughts
Managing a national B2B industrial sales team isn’t a simple task. However, the above sales team management tips and strategies will help you do it effectively.