May 11 - 2022

DiPaolo Machine Tools Gets Help with Sales and Marketing Alignment

A Case Study


DiPaolo Machine Tools is a family-owned company that sells, builds and services industrial machine tools to industries across Canada and in the US.

Although their sales team was strong, they were looking to leverage digital marketing tools to generate more sales opportunities and create efficiencies through marketing automation. Already using HubSpot, DiPaolo turned to acorn30 to leverage their expertise.

Through the engagement, DiPaolo has created efficiencies in their sales process and increased brand awareness in their industry.

About DiPaolo Machine Tools

Family owned and operated for more than 50 years. DiPaolo has grown from building and repairing industrial machine tools to working with some of the largest European and Asian machine builders is Serving Canada and the US.

DiPaolo works with manufacturers to help create efficiencies through automation. They sell 5-axis CNC machines as well as machines for milling, turning, material handling and grinding to job shops and large-scale manufacturers. Their customers span across industries including automotive, aerospace, energy and mining. DiPaolo is known for its ability to help its customers increase or find production efficiencies, maximize floor space and create custom turnkey solutions.

They have a solid reputation in the industry which can be attributed to their skilled team of technicians, engineers and journeymen.

The Challenge

Not having any in-house marketing expertise was creating barriers to growth. Marketing activities and decisions were falling on the desk of the already over-extended owners. The husband and wife team had previously engaged with a web development agency but were still lacking strategy direction.

DiPaolo recognized they needed a strategic marketing partner who could help with the website but more importantly a partner who could understand where the company was headed and help create a path to get there.

Why acorn30

When acorn30 hit the radar of DiPaolo they initially had sporadic conversations about the industry, the challenges faced by DiPaolo and some of the tools available to help address those challenges.

“acorn30 introduced us to marketing concepts that we hadn’t explored previously but were viable for our company. They spent a lot of time initially just helping us explore possibilities. Looking for a long-term partner, we really appreciated the time and expertise acorn30 demonstrated.” - N. Martins, President.

How acorn30 Responded

acorn30 initially worked to get a deep understanding of DiPaolo; their customers, sales cycle, people and products.

Over time, Buyer Personas were developed and the Buyers’ Journey was mapped. This allowed the acorn30 team to create campaigns and content to support the sales team.

acorn30 and DiPaolo hold weekly meetings to stay updated on work and developments and to discuss upcoming campaigns. Additionally, acorn30 meets occasionally with the sales team to strategize on how to improve sales and marketing alignment.

Initially, there was a lot of work and input required from DiPaolo. They recognized and wanted to play an active role in decision making but were also willing to defer to acorn30’s expertise.

The Result

Since the start of the engagement, DiPaolo’s branding has become consistent and defined. Various campaigns have been launched that have supported sales activities. Additional internal automated workflows have been created using HubSpot that help the sales team save time as they can focus on other sales activities.

acorn30 has also helped with traditional marketing, issuing media releases and working with publishers to increase brand awareness.

The DiPaolo website is now a tool to help generate and qualify leads.

“acorn30 is truly a marketing partner. They are helping us grow through strategic planning and successful implementation” -N.Martins.



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