Do you need a kick in the socials?

Posted by: Heather Watson

So often, we hear from small business owners who say that they "should be doing more social media".

The reality is, business owners know that in order to generate leads and build brand awareness more attention needs to be spent on managing the social media accounts. But when there are sales events to plan, inventory to order, staff to manage, products to build and ship, customers to wow.... social media management takes a back seat to pretty much everything.

How do you manage it all?

Unless you have a time machine or have found a way to clone yourself, it's daunting. It's the 'should have done this', 'need to do that' kind of stuff that keeps you awake at night. A bit of guilt that's looming in your head because you know it needs to be done, you know how to do it, it's just that you don't have time.

It's all about workflows

Stemming from the manufacturing industry in the 1920's, the concept of workflows helps streamline the work, ultimately boosting productivity. They are the orchestrated and repeatable patterns or processes to do the work.

Think back to the industrial age when rail was being developed and the assembly line was in its' infancy. Then, work flow meant making sure that workers on the line had the tools they needed, when they needed them. Storing raw material at the end of the line didn't make sense because time and resources would be consumed getting the material where they needed it. The goal was to keep progressing along the assembly line and not going back and forth. That's workflow and it can be adapted to any part or function in your business.

What does not having a workflow look like?

Creating repeatable processes to manage your social media makes sense. The process most small business owners looks something like this:

  1. Identifies an opportunity to share something on social media
  2. Takes a photo and gets sidetracked/busy... plan to post 'later'
  3. Later, sits at computer to post but can't find password for social media account (clicks 'forgot password')
  4. Checks email, replies to a few others and resets password
  5. Logs in... emails photo to self, downloads photo (there has to be a better way!)
  6. Uploads photo to social, writes some jazzy copy and throws in a few hashtags.

Usually after about 30 minutes and one post, most people are frustrated and call it a day because there are more pressing things to do.

Other people approach their social media management with 'in the moment' posts. Basically they snap a photo, fling it into the internet immediately (otherwise they'll forget) without any thought into the strategy or tying it to any campaigns or customer offers.

Sound familiar?

There are tools available

Believe it or not, there is a better way. We've actually been able to help our clients get a handle on their social media in just 10 minutes a day.

Do you have 10 minutes a day?
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Kickstart Your Social Media


How do you set up a workflow for managing your social media? Start by documenting a process. Everybody has different comfort levels with technology so your process and the tools you use will vary. Some things you'll want to consider:

  1. Where and how are you storing your photos?
  2. Are you posting from a mobile device or computer?
  3. What kind of content planning do you do? Do you have a calendar? Does it align with other business milestones, goals and events?
  4. Do you use any editing tools for videos or photos? How does the editing process look?
  5. Don't forget metrics! Add some time to check in on the results of previous social media so you can monitor and improve as you get to know your audience.

Want to learn more?

We have an online workshop coming up that will actually map out the workflow for you. It's a 2-hour roll up your sleeves and get it done session that will have you set for your Q4 sales. You'll be able to:

  • Identify what to say and where to say it
  • Set up systems to make managing your socials easier
  • Be given templates, tools and resources
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Let go of the guilt

You're not the only one lacking systems for managing your social media. Once you set up a system however, you'll be able to finally rid yourself of having to say "we should do more social media". Future you will thank you for being able to sleep better at night.






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