August 11 - 2023

Engaging Local B2B Buyers Via Digital Marketing

In today’s complex and competitive marketplace, especially with the COVID-19 virus, attracting customers locally can be tricky. B2B businesses are continually struggling to generate more leads. Lead generation is an essential part of any business. It creates sales and increases organic customers. The marketing world is evolving; lead generation that used to work 5, 10, 15 years ago may not continue to.

You may wonder how your manufacturing business can generate more leads. Business-to-business (B2B) marketing strategies target specific buyer personas during a customer journey. Digital marketing is an important aspect of B2B marketing. Most of the world is online now that you’re able to connect with potential customers that are far and even increase your local outreach!

To help you engage local buyers for your manufacturing business, we will look into critical aspects of B2B digital marketing.

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Lead Generation Business to Business B2B

What is B2B Digital marketing?

Business to Business (B2B) digital marketing refers to the practice of marketing what your business has to offer utilizing different online mediums. Digital marketing can be as simple as a post on your social media to a strategy to optimize your website for lead generation. However, digital marketing allows you to target specific buyer personas.

You’re able to garner attention through digital marketing across the world if that is your intent. Additionally, you’re able to do local digital marketing to be competitive with businesses around you if you don’t want to compete with large corporations.

How to Leverage B2B Digital Marketing Locally?

To market your business and product or service to local businesses. You need to understand your local customer behavior. Who is your target buyer persona? How would a local buyer learn about your business online? Do local buyers use social media frequently? Understanding the local market and customer behavior will allow you to make specific campaigns to target those audiences.

How to target audiences using digital marketing:

  1. Social Media - This can include posts from family and friends, trending posts, posts from influencers, and much more.
  2. Search Engines - This method would be through search engines such as Bing or Google primarily.
  3. Promotions & Advertising - This can be via paid advertisements, email campaigns, tv shows, local radio shows, and others.
    Digital advertisement

Using Local Online Business Directories:

Utilizing local online business directories is often misjudged not to help as much as businesses think. However, online business directories are one of the most effective and efficient ways to attract leads. Buyers and businesses that need a specific product or service will often look for the best option close to them. Using these business directories will not only help you if the buyer goes to them to search, but search engines will also point them towards you.

  • Google My Business: Free and easy-to-use tool for businesses to manage their online presence across Google. Includes google search and maps.



  • Facebook: Free to use and if you ever want to do paid advertising campaigns, the option is there.

  • LinkedIn Company Directory: Many businesses and professionals use LinkedIn. It is free to use and has 200 million members.

  • Apple Maps: Free to use and getting your business listed on apple maps will attract local buyers.

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Local SEO Techniques

Manufacturing and industrial businesses can gain leads using local SEO. Local SEO will prioritize buyers who are looking for a product or service in a location near them.

For local SEO, using keyword strategies is very important and essential for attracting local buyers. It is advisable to put targeted keywords such as the location for your product or service to use keyword strategy effectively. For example, a company in Peterborough that wants to promote metal laser cutting, using “Peterborough metal laser cutting” would help local search engine optimization.

Engaging local B2B Buyers can be tricky, but digital marketing could be that extra lift your business may need to gain those leads!