December 10 - 2020

Innovative Fundraising Gift for New Camp Kawartha Health Centre

Camp Kawartha has received a highly creative gift in support of the development of its new Health Centre.

Local marketing agency acorn30 is delivering white oak tree seedlings as gifts to its clients and planting a seedling for each client on the grounds at Camp Kawartha. For each planting, a donation is made by acorn30 to the Health Centre fundraising campaign.

"We believe this to be a first in terms of local fundraising", said Camp Kawartha Executive Director Jacob Rodenburg. "Tree planting is a perfect fit with our work in fostering environmental awareness and stewardship. What a wonderful message a tree gives, as we plant hope for a greener future."

The fundraising partnership was conceived by Heather Watson -- Creative Director for acorn30 and Douro Ward Councillor – together with Campaign Lead David Goyette. Said Watson, “I want to offer something that demonstrates our appreciation for our clients. At the same time, I value the good work of Camp Kawartha as a local community resource for environmental education and sustainable living."

The new Camp Kawartha Health Centre will be an innovative "zero building" demonstrating the very best in sustainable design, with a zero carbon footprint, zero fossil fuel use, zero waste output, zero toxins and netzero utility costs.

Camp Kawartha celebrates its centennial next year. Donations to the Health Centre campaign are welcome at