May 03 - 2023

Use of Video Marketing in Agricultural B2B

The B2B industry has gone through many major changes. For example, B2B marketers and social media experts are turning to digital strategies in order to engage with professionals and prospects in a meaningful way online.

The use of video within B2B and industrial marketing strategies is increasing, with more audiences and prospects preferring visual content from B2B brands and industrial companies. This is why harnessing video marketing is important for B2B marketers looking to succeed.

And if you do not have some kind of video content on your B2B business site, you’re certainly missing out on a great marketing opportunity.

You can use videos not just for educational purposes, but they can be an effective and efficient tool for employee training, boosting sales, and explaining any unique or complex topic.

What is B2B Video Marketing?

Note that B2B video marketing is an essential part of content marketing. It involves planning, designing, developing, and sharing your content in video format with your prospects and B2B audience. And these video formats may include webcasts, social media videos, video podcasts, and live streams.

The following tips and tricks will show you how you can turn video into a powerful and effective marketing tool to boost your B2B sales.

Product Launches and Announcements

When your B2B business has any big announcement or new product launch, you should consider a video. For example, if you’ve a blog or press release explaining the new announcement, it is advisable to consider a video version posted with it as a video works better than a written version.

You can leverage the power of storytelling with video content. Storytelling can spur emotion, and there is science to back it up! Video is one of the best mediums to spark emotion as it combines visual and audio elements.

And having your CEO or marketing person star in the video announcement can make it more memorable and personable.

Educational and Informational Content

Including informational and educational content along with your marketing messages is an essential part of positioning your B2B business or industrial company as a trusted and reliable industry expert. Alongside reports and blogs, educational video content can showcase your experience and subject matter expertise.

Do not be afraid to be creative and playful with your B2B video ads. You don’t have to focus heavily on talking about or showing your products to get your message across.

Rather, consider using videos to highlight some of the main benefits of your offering in a fun and creative way. These videos can take many forms, like interviews with subject matter experts.

Publish Your Video Content on Suitable Platforms

Like other forms of B2B marketing content, such as blogs, promotion is 80% of the work. As a result, once you have created your video, the next important step is to put it in front of your target audience.

Social media is often an excellent place to start for B2B businesses — especially LinkedIn. This is because 54 percent of executives on LinkedIn claim they share videos with colleagues and peers weekly.

Hence, posting it on social media platforms dramatically increases your chances that your target B2B market and the real decision-makers will see it.

Final Thoughts

As video grows into one of the most effective and efficient marketing tools for B2B businesses, including agriculture businesses, you have to ensure that your videos appear where your future clients and prospects are - online!