March 15 - 2023

Creating an Agricultural Marketing Strategy

Do you have an effective digital marketing strategy for your industrial business, or are you spraying and praying? While spray and pray marketing tactics have been used in industrial marketing, they are not effective anymore. 

With the ever-increasing amount of online noise from ads, many messages get diluted and tend to go unnoticed. HubSpot survey from 2016 revealed that 45% of respondents said they do not notice online ads anymore.

If you are starting a new industrial business, a solid and dynamic marketing strategy will get you off the ground and noticed.

What is Industrial Marketing?

Industrial marketing is a strategy for B2B firms and companies to produce highly targeted and relevant website traffic, convert that online traffic into qualified leads, and unite various sales and marketing efforts for increased lead generation to grow and expand your B2B agricultural and supply business.

Leverage the Power of the Internet

The internet should be the foundation of any industrial marketing strategy. It is not just the most effective form of industrial marketing but also has a low cost.

Tips for Creating an Industrial Marketing Strategy

Set the Objectives

In order to develop a successful industrial marketing strategy for your business, you need to be clear about the objectives and goals that you would like to reach.
Here are some rules for creating more effective industrial marketing goals: 
⦁ You should make them in collaboration with your sales team 
⦁ Goals and objectives should be simple to measure
⦁ Set a timeline –such as goals for the next quarter, or year

Personalization and Targeting

Did you know that planned content with specific customer personas in mind will help yield higher conversion rates as well as more valuable leads? And your content should target specific audiences. This is because different content types can appeal to and engage different people.

Targeting entails identifying who your business is out to serve and please. So, targeting involves a recognition of your audience.

Set an Appropriate Budget

The marketing strategy you implement will depend on your budget. And to set a budget, you have to consider the people you will work with, the tools and platforms you will use, and the actions that will be a part of your plan.

Outline Your Targeted Industrial Marketing Tactics

 How, exactly, will you reach your marketing goals? The marketing tactics should not be pulled out of a hat.

Your marketing goals and objectives should dictate the targeting and tactics you will use to get there. Also, they should ideally be an evolving mix that gets tested, optimized, and tweaked.

Invest in Suitable Industrial Marketing Technology

You should know that the most successful industrial firms, B2B companies, and agriculture companies use various digital marketing tools that give them a comprehensive view of their efforts.
You should, at a minimum, invest in an updated and modern business website. A properly optimized website has low ongoing operating costs.

Final Thoughts

The industrial marketing strategy you employ must be based on finding leads and prospects with the intent to purchase and then guiding them through the buying process, rather than just throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what may stick.