February 24 - 2023

Entice Agricultural Business Leads to Open Your Emails

Consider these sobering numbers. When a sales email goes out into the world, the odds of it getting opened are less than one in three (29.55 percent) Even if they do open it, the chances of the recipient clicking on a link inside fall to 1.27 percent. Almost 10 percent of them will bounce off into a black hole before anyone sees them.

How do you lure leads into responding to your messages? You share them in a template that makes it easy for them to get the information they want and need.

People are busy and don’t want to wade through wordy sales pitches that don’t speak to them. That means you’ll want to provide:

  • a clear and impactful subject line
  • an introduction
  • list of benefits in groups of three
  • insightful infographics
  • a clear call to action
  • a way to follow up

However, you need the right template to make this type of messaging work. Here are some examples you’ll want to steal and some examples:

Cold emails, just like cold calls, are the hardest since you’re trying to open a door with someone who doesn’t yet know you or your company. You’ll want to keep it short and sweet yet show that you value the person’s time and have something to offer. 

You can mention that you’ve helped other similar companies succeed and ask to book a call to get a conversation started. You can even suggest topics, such as industry challenges, their strategy and potential solutions based on your experience. All you’re seeking is 15 minutes to chat and nothing more. 

Likewise, voicemail follow-up emails offer to get acquainted without pushing for the sale. They reflect that the recipient may prefer to talk or type, so you give them both options. People screen their calls so often these days that it’s hard to get through to a live person. 

This gives you a chance to be credible and human with a real voice from an established company. They can even run a quick Google search before reaching back out to you.

Meanwhile, trigger event emails arrive just after you have appeared on a person’s radar. Perhaps you crossed paths at a trade show or a chamber of commerce meeting. Now, you want to firm up what you have in common interests.

You also get to bypass that awkward moment of an initial meeting. After all, you’re reaching out for a valid reason so it’s a warmer interaction.

How about the offer of a free demo or trial? Instead of asking them for something, you’re actually giving something away. It’s hard to resist something unpaid, even if you know it could be sales related. With this format, you can create a sense of urgency by telling them to act before a certain date. 

Showing them what you can do changes the conversation from words on a screen to a hands-on or visual experience. Once you engage even the idea of more senses, you’ve planted a seed in their brain that will sprout next time they hear your name. It also shows them that you want them to succeed and what could foster a relationship more than that?

See how easy that was? Now, check out this menu of options to see what works best for you. Then you can track if you can beat that industry average!