December 09 - 2022

Guide to Building a Strong Digital Presence for An Agriculture Company

The world has entered a digital age. We primarily consume all of our content digitally. For your agriculture company, building your digital presence will increase lead generation and ultimately revenue. Today, we will take a look at how to gain traffic to your website and create a strong digital presence for businesses.

What is Industrial Marketing exactly?

To begin, you need to understand the fundamentals of Industrial Marketing. Industrial marketing is B2B (business-to-business) marketing, promoting goods and services from one agriculture company to another. It is primarily accomplished with online tactics and entails several many complex components. According to data, industrial customers are often 70% of the way through their purchasing selection process before contacting a supplier. The process begins with research to determine how to address the demands of these potential target customers and what types of content to provide and where to deliver it. Digital marketing can help endorse businesses, thus businesses must work hard on their industrial marketing efforts to grow their business. Building a strong digital presence falls under the practice of industrial marketing.

Industrial Website Design: How To Gain Traffic To Your Website And Create A Strong Digital Presence

Utilizing LinkedIn And Additional Online Business Directories:

Utilizing online business directories is often misjudged not to help as much as businesses think. However, online business directories are one of the most effective and efficient ways to attract leads. Many businesses and professionals use LinkedIn. It is free to use and has 200 million members. LinkedIn is a highly recommended platform to build digital presence among other business professionals.

Create An Effective Website

On average, the top agriculture companies are acquiring a little more than half their website visitors from direct traffic, meaning they type your URL into their browser. Utilizing a business website to its most potential can be tricky, and even choosing what to include on your website to start on can be a challenge. Your website and the content you have on your website can serve as a foundation block to your company's digital presence.

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Homepage With Story

Before a prospect begins browsing your site, your homepage should immediately inform them of what your company specializes in and offers. It should have navigation features that highlight the most important pages, as well as calls-to-action that entice users to take the next step.

Homepage With Story

Exceptional About Us Page

Consider to include information that could be useful to a potential customer: Years of experience, certifications and accreditation, experience with different types of customers and industries. These all are crucial information new potential customers are looking for.

Services/Products You Offer

Your website should provide a page for each service or product you want users to browse through. For example, so if you're a metal stamper, you should have had a page that describes your metal stamping capabilities, machine list, common components you built, and any reviews from clients you've performed these services for. If you ship bearings from a large number of suppliers, you should have a page for each common bearing type that discusses its uses, specifications, and a record of the brands you represent.

Services/Products You Offer

Contact Page To Convert Leads

Nearly every single page on your website should remind visitors that they can contact you immediately by using a contact page. At the very least, this page must include your location and contact information. Providing this information on the site will allow you to segment your contact list and use marketing automation to send the most meaningful and noteworthy information to your customers based on their specific interests and needs.

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Analyze Website Performance

Website performance is something that is often overlooked by many web developers. When it comes to determining how effectively your website is working and where improvements may be made, website analytics tools are vital. Having certain features on websites can slow down the site and ultimately cause your visitors to leave, which weakens your digital presence.

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Building a strong digital presence may create many leads that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Lead generation is a challenging topic for all businesses, however if you put in the effort to build a strong digital presence it may slowly vanish all your worries and concerns.