February 17 - 2023

How Agricultural Businesses are Using SEO to Attract Website Visitors and for Generating Leads

Search engine optimization is an asset in heightening your visibility to prospective partners. Buyers have grown to consult internet databases to survey their service options. Agriculture companies, it is important to establish yourself as an expert in your field. A website functions as a hub where consumers can access your credentials. Attracting quality traffic to your website can be improved by search engine optimization.

How to Leverage SEO for your Industrial B2B Company

Keyword Selection

Keyword functions will align you with consumers seeking a service or product that you provide. The selection of relevant keywords will determine the retrievability of your website by search engines. Basic descriptors will be used by your competitors, thus hindering your search ranking. Instead, consider using long-form keywords specific to your service or location. 

Mobile-Friendly Website

The millennial generation is the largest in the workforce, it is important to cater to this demographic by making your website easy to navigate from a mobile device. 57%of consumers agree that they would not recommend a business without a mobile-friendly website. With the increase of smartphone users, those inquiring about your services should be able to easily retrieve information from their device.

Survey Your Success

Assess the effectiveness of your current SEO strategies by signing up for tracking services such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Review your buyer’s experience by tracking their activity and response to your website layout. This feature will allow you to identify the areas to focus on and improve your marketing efforts.

Produce Updated Content

By publishing content consistently to your website, you are establishing yourself as an industry resource. This practice is valuable in showcasing your expertise and maintaining relevance in search engine algorithms. With more content on your website, search engines are able to pull keywords from blog posts, potentially heightening your search results ranking.

Resolve Broken Links and Redirects

Understand the difference between redirect service codes 302 and 301. For temporary changes 302 redirect will take viewers to the relocated material. 301 redirects are for permanent, they would be useful when combining two web pages or websites. By correctly utilizing these redirects, you are ensuring the user experience is not compromised in the midst of internal changes.

The Difference Between Onsite and Offsite SEO

Onsite SEO

Elements concerning the content available on your website including:

  • URL Structuring
  • Alt Text
  • Titles
  • Title Tags
  • Relevant Content
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Page Load Speed
  • Keywords

Offsite SEO

Elements that pertain to quality improvements that will elevate you search rankings include:

  • Backlinks
  • Integrating Video (provide links to a company YouTube channel)
  • Social Media Promotion

How SEO Relates to Industrial Marketing

Search engine optimization will attract consumers interested in your service. Luring viewers to your website with informative headlines will invite them to browse other content that you have published. This can establish a sense of trust in your expertise and make consumers feel comfortable enlisting in your service. Thus fostering leads to sales.

When to Use a 302 Redirect vs. 302 Redirect

Onsite SEO Vs Offsite SEO: What’s The Difference?