May 10 - 2023

Tips for Customer Appreciation in Agricultural Businesses

Saying ‘thank you’ is a great way to remind customers that you appreciate them. Showing them with your actions reinforces your bond even more.

From a dollars-and-cents outlook, keeping your existing customers really helps your bottom line. So, sharing a little love will keep your friends close to your business for much less.

Keep in mind as well that 68% of customers value companies that show they care. When you reward their loyalty, they are also more likely to recommend you to others seeking services.

HubSpot has 101 ways to show you appreciate your customers. Here are a few of our favourites: 

Give the gift of your time

Stop by to see how their new product or process is working out. Focus on what their business needs and how you can help, so you don’t waste their valuable time. If they can get away, treat them to lunch, a seminar or a game of golf or whatever spectator sport they enjoy.

Don’t just send gifts on holidays

Businesses get flooded with gifts at the end of the year, so stand out with a nice item at another point in time. Send treats the week after they have been out on the road at a big show. You can also share a book that addresses a concern they raised during your last chat. The more personalized the gesture, the better.

Donate to a cause they love

If they host an event for a charity, attend if you can but at least make a donation to show your values align. It doesn’t have to be a large amount, but it sends a clear signal that you are paying attention. 

Make them feel like an insider

Share product updates or ask them to test out a new process before you release it to the public. By seeking their advice, you reinforce your connection. You can also make them feel special by shining a spotlight on them as a standout business or offering pre-sale notifications. Provide some swag so they feel like part of your team. 

Write a personal note

People get spammed with messages all the time via email. Getting a nice card in the mail with your handwriting will be memorable. Focus on things that matter to them, like a recent milestone or an upcoming anniversary. This way, they know you listen when they talk.

Offer some industry intel

When customers get busy, they don’t have the time to read up on the latest trends and gadgets related to their area of expertise. You can help them stay attuned by sharing white papers or links to media reports that you think would resonate with them. It also positions you as a wise person who can guide their business decisions.

Of course, there are also the usual tricks of the trade, such as coupons, social media shoutouts and newsletters. However, these six suggestions take you to a new level of professionalism and classy customer appreciation.

Reminding customers WHY they work with you gives you an edge that is savvy and saves you from shopping around for new ones.