March 03 - 2023

Tips to Step Up Your Agricultural Marketing in 2023

To establish yourself as a top contender in the industry, marketing maintenance should not be overlooked. Ensure that your business remains up to date by reviewing and modifying your strategies. Create a cohesive front across all marketing mediums especially online.

Update Your Website

Your website may be the first impression a buyer will have of your company. What impression do you want to leave? It is important to arrange your information in an aesthetically pleasing manner that is easy to navigate. Assess how your competitors have organized their webpages (about, blogs, pricing, etc.), see if it flows to your liking and make notes of changes that you would like to see.

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Website Content

To achieve a strong ranking on search engines it is important to produce consistent and relevant content to your website. 

  • Search engines can derive phrases and keywords from blog posts and position your website favorably to those seeking your service. 
  • Avoid writing blogs with large blocks of text, try to separate them with images or bullet points. 
  • Videos will increase the duration of a viewer’s visits. In your videos it is useful to link or reference other relevant resources that can be found on your website. 

Video Production

Investing in your video marketing strategies can be extremely beneficial in 2022. 87% of marketers endorse video as a strong lead generator. With an increasing number of companies adopting video into their marketing strategy, it is crucial that you keep up. Those that have embraced video marketing have seen 49% faster growth in revenue compared to those that have not. 

Create Content Relevant To Your Industry

The contents of your blogs or videos should aim to answer questions buyers have about the industry that you occupy. Predict these inquiries and structure your content accordingly, demonstrate your knowledge in approximately 500 word blog posts or a concise video. Become an outlet for those in your field to seek out industry insights.

Reflect on challenges you have encountered while navigating the industry. What blog topics did you seek out in your uncertainty? What questions were left unanswered? By identifying these gaps, you can close them with your knowledge.

What Video Marketers Should Know in 2022, According to Wyzowl Research

Integrate visual components within your content in the form of an infographic or chart. Visual aids illustrate your research in an easy-to-follow fashion, supported by descriptive writing. Consider these visuals as either a preview or summary of your findings.

Have Confidence In Your Craft

What makes your company the better choice over your competitors? What makes your services unique to others? Answer these questions to establish customer trust. Your buyers should see what you see in your company. It is important to communicate your mission in a way that will resonate with your target audience.