March 17 - 2023

Using HubSpot Workflows and Sequences to Nurture Agricultural Leads

Marketing automation is the future of the industrial goods sector. Today, industrial brands and companies collect more data than ever. This is because collecting customer data allows these organizations to better customize marketing messages to both their prospects and customers. 
When you are considering nurturing your industrial leads, you may assume this role is mainly down to the marketing professionals in your company. Keep in mind that the best way to nurture industrial leads changes with time. A lead nurturing method that was highly effective one year ago may not work at all now.

And although automation tools, such as HubSpot workflows and sequences, are very valuable to marketers, there is a similar value when your sales team uses them.

When you have found a great industrial lead or leads, the relationship with that potential customer is beginning and requires regular engagement at the right time. 

What is Industrial Lead Nurturing?

We can define lead nurturing as the process of engaging, supporting, facilitating, and building meaningful and deep relationships with your prospective industrial customers. You have to do this by providing them with relevant and appropriate content and information at all stages of the buyer's journey.

HubSpot Marketing Workflows

One of the main tools within HubSpot for setting up, improving, and expanding automation is known as HubSpot Workflows. These workflows are usually the steps that HubSpot will execute based on various triggers, such as signing up for your email list that triggers a string of automated marketing emails.

The best thing about HubSpot automation is that it lets you create automated nurturing workflows for industrial leads from several channels.

You can use HubSpot Workflows to nurture lukewarm, warm, and even cold leads. They are usually sent to bulk lists and are highly stylized.

HubSpot Sequences

They can easily pull email templates set up found in the "Templates" tool into their inbox, and send personalized content that nurtures the hot or warm sales leads they have already connected with. 
HubSpot Sequences enable you to effectively and efficiently nurture your prospects with an email at just the click of a button. Your team can also schedule when each email template is sent and set notifications and tasks, so you stay 'in the loop' when prospects engage with your content.

As you can see, HubSpot Sequences can help sales professionals in your company stay on top of industrial leads that aren't quite ready by taking email workflows and automation to the next level. For instance, if there is a lack of decision, the sequence may consist of follow-up nurturing emails or tasks reminding the salesperson to follow up through a phone call.

Run Segmented Industrial Lead Nurturing Campaigns

A common and oft-cited channel for marketing automation is email. It is easy to envision how an effective and compelling email sequence sent to interested prospects may help them become more familiar with your products and brand and develop trust and confidence over time. 
You can use HubSpot's email nurturing drip marketing campaigns to push prospects down the sales funnel, helping you generate and identify better and more qualified leads within your industrial sales pipeline. 

The benefit of HubSpot's workflow feature is that it enables you to connect all channels seamlessly to create a consistent and engaging multi-channel experience for your industrial customers.