December 07 - 2022

What to Ask Agricultural Marketing Agencies

It takes a massive amount of time, effort and energy to run agricultural businesses. Marketing may not be the utmost priority for some businesses, and looking into marketing agencies would be the right call. There may be many roadblocks stopping you from doing so, what do you even ask them? Would you know you’re going to get your money's worth? Today, we delve into some questions you should ask before partnering with a marketing agency.

Do I Need A Marketing Agencies Help?

If word-of-mouth referrals and cold calls suffice to get you by, and you're happy with the results they're delivering, you may not need to work with an agency. However, if you want to expand or if your current efforts are barely keeping you afloat, investing in marketing can help you generate more leads and win new business.

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Do I Need A Marketing Agencies Help?

What Experience Do You Have Working With Agricultural Companies?

Very few agencies have expertise in the agricultural industry and with the specific products and services you provide, and that experience is critical. Industrial marketing is a distinct and distinct discipline, associated with long buying cycles and a very specific audience of B2B buyers and engineers.

As a result, before hiring a agricultural marketing firm, inquire about the industrial companies they've worked with, particularly those in your market. Determine how they assist their customers in aligning with the industrial buying cycle, as well as their approach to persona targeting.

Can You Show Me Your Past Work and Examples?

When buyers look for suppliers like you, your past performance is the most important factor in their decision. Past performance should also be considered when looking for a agricultural marketing agency.

The outcomes of the work are perhaps even more important than the work itself. Find out what kind of results such as higher rankings, more traffic, more leads, and more revenue that the agency has previously delivered to their clients. Inquire if they have a list of satisfied clients who can attest to the quality and impact of their work. Customer feedback and reviews are essential.

Alternatively, we have a guide how agricultural businesses can Build a Strong Digital Presence without any marketing agency below. 

Past Work & Experience of Marketing Agencies

Do You Work With Industrial Engineers?

Engineers are the best chance for many industrial businesses to win new business, whether they are custom agricultural businesses, product agriculture,  agricultural component , or service companies. After all, engineers are the ones who typically drive procurement and sourcing events, and their approval can help you win a bid. Unfortunately, connecting with engineers can be difficult, and for many marketing agencies, it is an impossibility. Engineers simply think, work, and operate differently than other decision makers, including those in the B2B world, and traditional marketing agencies are unable to relate to them.

If your marketing firm truly specializes in agriculture, they will have industrial engineers working alongside industrial marketers to help craft marketing strategies that truly resonate with other engineers. At acorn30, we eliminate this need by working alongside the agricultural business and partnering up to share our resources which combines all our information amongst one another.

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Can You Tell Me About Your Delivery Process?

Your buyers expect a smooth, consistent, and problem-free delivery process from you, and you should expect nothing less from your marketing agency. The agency you choose to work with should provide tactical suggestions to help you achieve your goals, outlining their recommendations (at a high level) in order of priority and timing. They should also be able to identify the most important factor for success and provide a plan for implementing it.

Simply put, you should know what to expect from your agency before signing a contract. If things are still unclear, or if the agency does not provide their recommendations up front, you may want to reconsider.

How Do You Measure Results?

The ability to collect, assess, and act on data is critical to marketing success. As a result, you must learn about each potential marketing partner's approach to the following:

Tools: Discover which tools and software the agency utilizes across various digital marketing channels and tactics.

Metrics: What specific metrics do they continuously monitor and track? Inquire for specifics and make sure you understand everything that is being discussed.

Expertise: Without the right people at the helm to make sense of it all, even the best tools and metrics are useless. Learn everything you can about the people who will be working on your account, including certifications, credentials, and hands-on experience.

Reporting: Transparency is essential in any successful partnership, as it is in any successful partnership. You should be kept up to date on your marketing efforts and results on a regular and consistent basis, and this information should be communicated in a clear and digestible manner. Request sample reports on the services you're interested in.

Partnering with a agricultural agency can be a huge benefit for your agricultural business, ultimately generating leads and revenue that you never would have before! At acorn30, we’d love to answer your questions in a free 30-Minute Marketing Assessment.

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