September 22 - 2023

Email Marketing Do's and Don'ts

In today’s world, email marketing is a great way to increase your engagement with customers, pre-existing or prospective. Email marketing helps gain traction with higher engagement rates. There are 3.9 billion daily email users. Taking advantage of the statistics will help your manufacturing company with more significant leads.

To ensure you are taking advantage of email marketing, we will look at some do’s and don’ts that may help engagement.

Do's and don'ts of email marketing to increase lead generation


1) Creating an Outstanding Subject Line

Excellent subject lines help recipients open your email through engagement. Studies show, 35% of email recipients open emails primarily based on a well-written and impressive subject line. As a reminder, a subject line shouldn’t be too wordy. Only a few minimum words state a clear incentive that compels recipients to reflect how the email might be valuable to them, increasing more readers and site visitors. Perhaps, consider personalizing the subject line by including the recipient's name to grasp his/her attention. Also, stating statistics, locations, job titles in the subject line will increase your email open rates. Some examples are:

Effective Examples:

  • Just released report! State of COVID-19 in Ontario
  • Last Chance before 25% summer sale ends!
  • REPORT: Agricultural Marketing Statistics
  • Video for People who Struggle with Coding

Did you know that Emails with personalized subject lines are more than 20% more likely to get opened. Personalized emails have been statistically proven to provide better results.

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2) Use A Business Email Address

It's crucial to avoid using email addresses that look suspicious; email filters would increasingly register them as spam. Remember to state the name of your email address in an employee's name or a legitimate name of an individual who works at your company. Using a business email address in your company’s marketing efforts would demonstrate that you are a business that offers legitimate products or services to its customers. This provides more security to the email recipients.

3) Use Grammar Check

Before sending out an email, it’s exceptionally crucial to check for any typos, poor grammar, and broken links. These are all factors that play in when utilizing sales and promotions in your email marketing efforts. If any are found in the email, the email recipient will most likely be suspicious, thus crossing your business off their shortlist. Using grammar check software develops assurance to the buyer. This increases the sales and promotions of your company.

Businessman writing e-marketing terms in front of a business team


1) Don’t Be Over Promotional In Your Email

Prospective customers examine your emails, review your offerings, and follow along with news applicable to them. Thus, try to avoid making sales pitches out of all of your emails, and write your email with the reader you have in mind.

Emails that are sent with overly promotional terms will set off spam filters. Try avoiding including terms such as “free,” “pay,” “cash,” as these are terms that will set off spam filters. Your email recipient won’t have the chance to read your email as it’ll end up in its user spam folders. To add on, campaign metadata, IP addresses, coding, content, and format are all elements that can prevent a recipient from receiving the email.

2) Forgetting To Preview How Your Emails Look

Before sending out an email, it’s essential to verify how your company’s email is presented on different email software. Experiment with various software, such as Gmail, Outlook, or Apple Mail, to see how your email is formatted and how it will appear across different recipients. Most email recipients would check their emails from their mobile devices. It is vital to ensure that your company’s emails are optimized for all devices.

Remember, there are many stages in gaining a prospective client in your company. Knowing which stage your email recipients are at helps send specific emails and address their needs and concerns. A prospective client would usually need more email nurturing from your company before deciding to make a purchase or service from your company.

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Email marketing double check your work and preview it before sending

3) Not Allowing Users From Unsubscribing

It’s important to allow users to be given the option of unsubscribing. If your company fails to include an option to unsubscribe at the end of its emails, it’s considered unprofessional and unlawful; violating various consumer-protection regulations. CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 prohibits sending emails to a user after explicitly stating that they do not want to receive emails from a company.

We advise making it very easy for users to unsubscribe. The choice to unsubscribe should be as frictionless as possible. Complying with the CAN-SPAM Act is mandatory. However, making it easy for users to unsubscribe increases reputation for your company. You can have a simple click of a button where users are able to unsubscribe which is the most simplistic approach.

4) Avoid Purchasing Email Lists

Many users would quite frankly be furious if they’ve received an email from a company who they have no prior connection. Avoid purchasing email lists as the email recipients would be less likely to respond and engage with your company. Users may mark your company’s emails as spam, which will lower your company’s reputation, thus decreasing the chances of connecting with prospective customers. Also, there is no guarantee that the users from purchased email lists would be interested in receiving emails from your company, products, or services. Email list segmentation and personalized emailing are one of the most effective email strategies.

It is important to let recipients know what your company is and what products or sales you offer. However, your emails should target your prospective customers' concerns. It is advisable to create your email lists as it’s better to know your email recipients rather than purchasing a list that contains buyer target personas you have no idea about.


Email marketing is not as tricky as it seems. Taking it one step at a time will lead your manufacturing company to greater engagement.