December 02 - 2022

How Agriculture Companies Can Meet The Needs of Buyers

No matter what, you always want to try to meet the needs of your buyers. You need to understand your buyers, the whole buying cycle and process that they partake in. Doing so will ultimately generate leads for your business. Meeting the needs of your buyers is no easy task, but below we will outline ways to help in creating those meaningful contributions.

Understand The Industrial Buying Cycle

From the standpoint of a supplier, the industrial buying cycle is a two-step process: the buyer recognizes a need and contacts a supplier to purchase the product or service. But that's an exaggeration. At a good degree, the process consists of six distinct phases:

  • The buyer identifies a requirement for a product or service. 
  • The buyer conducts research to learn about potential solutions. 
  • When implementing a new design, the buyer conducts product research. 
  • The buyer assesses potential suppliers. 
  • The buyer compiles a list of the best suppliers. 
  • The buyer purchases from the viable supplier.

Be Everywhere Your Buyers Are

To have such an impact on the second stage of the B2B buying cycle, the search stage, you must first recognize where buyers prefer to source and what sort of information they enter when they arrive. Typically, prospects have one broad question in mind at this early stage, can you fulfill what they need you to do? They want to know that you really are qualified before proceeding.

Online Business Directories

Utilizing local online business directories is often misjudged not to help as much as businesses think. However, online business directories are one of the most effective and efficient ways to attract leads. Buyers and businesses that need a specific product or service will often look for the best option close to them. Using these business directories will not only help you if the buyer goes to them to search, but search engines will also point them towards you.

  • Google My Business: Free and easy-to-use tool for businesses to manage their online presence across Google. Includes google search and maps.

  • Facebook: Free to use and if you ever want to do paid advertising campaigns, the option is there.

  • LinkedIn Company Directory: Many businesses and professionals use LinkedIn. It is free to use and has 200 million members.

  • Apple Maps: Free to use and getting your business listed on apple maps will attract local buyers.

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Impact The Industrial Buying Process Before The Sales Funnel

At the very beginning of the funnel with the broadest and potentially longest-lasting stage: Education. Depending on the industry, your prospects may remain in this stage for some time. But consider the advantages of establishing yourself as a valuable and trusted source of content before they identify a purchasing need.

Regularly posting industry updates and news, is known as a cohesive content marketing strategy. Prospects can gain a better understanding of your company through the content you create and share, without making a hard sell. Offering free eBooks or white papers, or connecting with prospects via social media, allows you to demonstrate your value in a variety of ways, all while increasing your chances of impacting their decision.

Using Blog Content To Your Advantage

A strong blog may help you generate leads and function as the core of your industrial content marketing plan. If you're not using a blog or if yours isn't up to par, it can be beneficial to go back and ensure that your blog is headed in the right direction.

Using Blog Content To Your Advantage

Showcase Previous Success Stories

Utilizing success stories to demonstrate previous work can give buyers a better idea of how you work, and what you're like to work with. Allow your innovation and expertise to shine here. Begin with the basics. You could start by posting customer quotes and logos on your website (with permission!) and work your way up to writing a narrative as the next step. Client evaluations establish trust and reliability in your company.

Building A Strong Digital Presence

The world has entered a digital age. We primarily consume all of our content digitally. For your agriculture company, building your digital presence will increase lead generation and ultimately revenue.Building a Strong Digital Presence

Learn What Buyers Are Really Looking For

Buyers have identified a need following a high-level, general search during the third stage of the industrial B2B buying cycle, Evaluation. You have a chance of making their shortlist, but you are not guaranteed a sale. Buyers must see that it is worthwhile for them to continue considering you

If you don't provide buyers with the detailed information they require, it doesn't mean you're piquing their interest or implying that you can "do everything" it means you may be eliminating yourself from consideration before you even have a chance. The most important takeaway is that your website serves as the foundation for all of your expansion efforts. 49% of users say they use Google to discover or find a new item or product.

Defense buyers are concerned about counterfeit parts, inaccurate data, and incomplete quotes. Reassure them with industry-relevant website pages that detail your product data, sizing dimensions, performance curves, and so on.

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Use Videos To Showcase Your Company

While prospects interested in long-term strategic alliances will typically evaluate your facilities during an onsite visit later on, showing them facility photos and videos while they are anonymously evaluating you online can help you stand out. 

To add on, many agriculture companies have been turning to video to connect with potential customers due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Tailoring to your buyers needs will not only create a beneficial connection between you two, but it may lead to referrals which may also help build your reputation and brand image.