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How-To Setup Google Analytics for WordPress

Posted by Brendan Quigley on November 23, 2018


As a business owner marketing research is one of those things that you know you need to do. However sometimes it can be difficult to start, because where do you start? The first place you should consider looking is your current website. Understanding the visitors that you have visiting your website will give you significant insight into your customers. The free way to do this is Google Analytics. It allows you to track visitors on your site, see what pages they are looking at and how long the spend on each page. Google Analytics is a powerful tool and has many other metrics that you can look at from the location of the visitor, to how much money they spent in the checkout. 


You can't get any of this data unless you setup Google Analytics on your site. Here's how.

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Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as 'not secure' starting in July 2018

Posted by Brendan Quigley on October 1, 2018

What has changed?

In 2016 Google announced that they would be moving towards a more secure web by eventually marking all websites without and SSL Certificate as not secure. Two years later in July Google announced that Chrome 68 has been updated with this change.


Since Chrome is the most used browser across all devices, thanks in part to Android, this change is significant for all businesses. 

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Topics: Website Development